One Day...

23. september 2014 at 16:23 | ThaliaDensiSprite |  Vignette

Summary: Kensi is thinking about Afghanistan and Deeks...:3

Characters: Marty Deeks, Kensi Blye

Rating: PG-13/K

I am sitting on the rock and watching you cathing waves. You know what you´re doing, you are leader of the situation. Your hair is wet and your skin must have be touched by ocean. You´re great surfer. One day I´ll be good like you are.
I´m trying to forget what happend in Afghanistan. I´m trying to think about what happend before. We were enjoying the athmosphere of our relationship, something new between us. And now. My confidence dropped like the wave you just caught. I don´t trust myself. No, like before. I believe I will overcome this.
I don´t know if I can go to the water to you. My body is all covered by bruises and it don´t match with my new bikini.
I am staying here, I think. It´s hard to look at something else. I must look at you. When I close my eyes I want to see you, not my nightmare of what happend on a mission. My fear is big, but I find some of my courage and I´m going to you. You notice me and I don´t know what you´re looking at, but you fall in water. Geez, you are so funny! After a long time I laugh. And it is comfortable. You are giving me your flirty look and I can´t resist. I am happy after long time. You touch my hand. I missed this. Really. I want to say something, to tell you, but you don´t let me. You kiss me softly.
"You don´t have to do this alone. You have me." you say.
You´re right. But I don´t want to sink you with me. Destroy you. Destroy us.
"I want to be with you. Share this. Share your pain, your laugh. Everything. I want be here for you. I want to fight with it!"
We will overcome this. Together. One day...

So...How do you like it?


(HERE you can find it in slovak.)

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1 Ucana Ucana | 23. september 2014 at 18:20 | React

I think many things sound better in english and this story too. It's very nice and I can feel and understand what is Kensi feeling. It's simply, but it's beautiful. I think you wrote it good. :)

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