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Densi. Means Marty Deeks+Kensi Blye. But why are we shippers? Why we ship them? Why we do anything to see Densi moments?

♦ They are make for each other
♦ They have a thing
♦ They remember what they were wearing when they first first met
♦ Because of touché
♦ Because they hugged
♦ Because they danced
♦ Because they kissed
♦ Because they know what they feel to each other
♦ Because her fish likes his fish
♦ Because of partnership
♦ Because they work well together
♦ Because they go undercover like married couples
♦ Because it´s a love story
♦ Because raccoons do mate for life
♦ Because of communication
♦ Because he is the only person she trusts
♦ Because they have back of each other
♦ Because they can laugh and cry together
♦ Because other million things.


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1 thebestlady thebestlady | 17. july 2014 at 15:30 | React

You´ve got very nice desing. But you´d better write your own stories and I would like to see lots of graphic.
So good lucky with your blog.

2 Densi-Fan Densi-Fan | 20. july 2014 at 19:35 | React

[1]:Of course! But they´re holiday now and I am not here. The articles are written in June. But since September will be this page better! I promise!!!

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