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I am here, Densi fans!
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Densi. Means Marty Deeks+Kensi Blye. But why are we shippers? Why we ship them? Why we do anything to see Densi moments?

♦ They are make for each other
♦ They have a thing
♦ They remember what they were wearing when they first first met
♦ Because of touché
♦ Because they hugged
♦ Because they danced
♦ Because they kissed
♦ Because they know what they feel to each other
♦ Because her fish likes his fish
♦ Because of partnership
♦ Because they work well together
♦ Because they go undercover like married couples
♦ Because it´s a love story
♦ Because raccoons do mate for life
♦ Because of communication
♦ Because he is the only person she trusts
♦ Because they have back of each other
♦ Because they can laugh and cry together
♦ Because other million things.

S02E10- Deliverance

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In the wake of Cole's murder, Hetty is determined to find the killers as well as the black book that has destroyed so many lives. Surveillance video from Cole's nursing home was disabled by the killers but a resident's nanny-cam helps the team get a grainy image of two men who Callen determines to be speaking Russian. Mattias contacts Hetty to inform her that the CIA secured his release in exchange for the black book. Hetty knows with Mattias and the Russians now looking for the book the team must work quickly to find it before it gets into the wrong hands. Eric and Nell discover Renner (killed in episode #209) placed encrypted binary code messages as to the whereabouts of the black book. He placed the code in pictures he posted online several months prior to his death. They find the code leads them to a safe deposit box at a local bank. Callen, posing as Renner's attorney, goes to the bank to retrieve the book until the team realizes they are not alone and have the CIA and Russians watching their every move. They try and execute a clever bait and switch but it doesn't go to plan and Kensi is taken hostage. Mattias pressures Hetty for the book and the Russians set a time for exchange the book fro Kensi. Hetty has Nell create a fake black book in order to save Kensi from her Russian captors. The plan works and Deeks helps to rescue Kensi. Callen and Sam find out that Mattias is actually helping the Russians and Hetty decides to meet with Mattias to put an end to the search for the black book, once and for all.


I love this episode for Densi!
:3 Video will be add later


S02E09- Absolution

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An infamous arms dealer, Kurt Renner, is murdered and NCIS:LA goes in search of a black book known to hold the names of weapons dealers they believe the killers were after. An old enemy turned friend from Hetty's espionage days, Branston Cole, is discovered to be the original holder of the infamous black book; he gave it to Renner years ago for safe passage to the West. Hetty, who is protective of Cole, works on her own to try and find Renner's killers knowing Cole's life may be in danger. Callen becomes very concerned with Hetty since he knows she is hiding something from the team and follows her. Meanwhile, Deeks and Kensi go to Renner's house and come upon two men claiming to be NSA Agents. Kensi hears a slight accent and knows they are lying and attacks the men catching them and Deeks by surprise. Her instinct was right and the men were French Intelligence; one of many foreign agents that have descended on L.A to find the black book. Hetty slips away again and meets a man she calls Mattias. It is the man that killed Renner and he tells her what he really wants is Burgess not the book and he knows Hetty is the only one who knows where he is. When Hetty won't divulge his location, Mattias takes her hostage but Calllen and the team were following Hetty and Sam disarms Mattias, saving Hetty. Hetty, knows she has unfinished business with Cole since she was the one who shot him years ago putting him in the nursing home. She returns to his room is shocked to find him shot to death. The investigation into Cole's murder will continue in a future episode.

TXT by CBS. :)

S02E08- Bounty

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A newly retired Army Major from a elite Delta Force unit that tracked high value targets in the War on Terror is found tortured and murdered. NCIS:LA discovers the victim, Richard Booth, was planning on returning to the Middle East as a bounty hunter to collect millions of dollars in reward money. His son Brandon, who hated his absentee father, is a suspect until two Afghan thugs enter a restaurant and try to kill him while Callen and Sam are questioning him; they shoot the thugs but Brandon disappears. Meanwhile, Hetty, Deeks, and Kensi question an intelligence informant for the U.S government with diplomatic immunity, Jafar Khan, who has made millions helping Booth's unit catch high value targets; he also happens to be Booth's brother-in-law. Jafar tells the team Booth was his partner and he planned to return to Afghanistan after receiving Intel which would yield them ten million dollars. Jafar claimed his loyalty to Booth but the evidence pointed toward Jafar hiring the Afghan thugs to torture Booth and kill him for the high value targets Intel. NCIS is working against the clock knowing they could lose Booth's killer and the high value target within a matter of hours. The team's suspicions are validated when Eric discovers a spectron seal embedded in a picture Booth mailed to his son Brandon. It contained the location of the target and the time the Intel was valid. Callen and Sam, with the help of Booth's Delta Force unit, go undercover in Afghanistan and catch Jafar using the Intel he received while torturing Booth but Callen informs Jafar he no longer has immunity in Afghanistan and takes him into custody.

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S02E07- Anonymous

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A Federal Agent is murdered in a shootout downtown and NCIS:LA is called in to track down the killer. Through street surveillance cameras, the team finds the agent was meeting a woman whose husband, a plastic surgeon, is also found dead. The woman, Jillian Leigh, is on the run and Callen and the team must find her. The team discovers that Leigh's husband was performing reconstructive surgery on known Al Qaeda terrorists. Kensi and Deeks go undercover and almost catch Jillian but she alludes them. They finally track her down at a former colleague’s home and she tells them she knew nothing about her husband's involvement with these terrorists but Callen and Sam know she is the only one that can identify them. When material to make Sarin Gas is found in a storage unit linked to the group, the team knows the attack with be massive. They find the terror cell is planning an attack on the Queen Mary tonight and Sam convinces Jillian that she is the only one who can help the team save hundreds of lives. She agrees and Callen and the team go undercover at the Queen Mary event. The terrorists spot Jillian and know they must attack but our team chases the terrorists down and stops the catastrophic Sarin gas attack.


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S02E06- Standoff

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Callen's former CIA partner, Tracey Holland, holds a Navy Recruitment Office hostage to get Callen's attention. Tracey claims she is now working an undercover case for the FBI to stop an arms deal but several agents went rogue and got involved with the weapons deal. Now someone is trying to kill her and she feels the only one she can trust is Callen. Callen is unsure if he can believe Tracey since the last time he saw her she almost got him killed, until a sniper outside the recruitment office tries to shoot Tracey. FBI Agent White initially works with Sam to try and find the sniper who shot at Tracey but surveillance cameras show he was the one to take the shot after he killed an LAPD sniper. Tracey tells the team that White and her former FBI partner where to meet with an international arms dealer, Thomas Mason, today to give him SIM cards needed to activate the shipment of Spike missiles he recently stole; without the cards the missiles are useless. Tracey meets White and ends up killing him; she claims in self-defense. Callen decides he and Tracey must re-partner to take down Mason and recover the missiles. Mason takes the bait and makes the deal, transferring millions to an off-shore account, but a gun fight ensures when the team moves in. Tracey begs Callen to let her go and in the heat of the moment Callen complies. Tracey planned this chain of events from the beginning and Callen knew he couldn't trust her so he had Eric track her from the moment he let her go. Callen finds her in the Cayman Islands and Tracey knows it's over the moment she sees him.


How do you like this epp?

S02E05- Little Angels

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The daughter of an Navy Commander is kidnapped from her home in the Angeles National Forest and buried alive. This case visibly strikes a cord with Sam. Even though this is now an FBI case, he insists that Hetty allow them to work the case. The team tracks a car seen leaving the forest to the brother of convicted serial killer, Timon Maragos; whose M.O was burying young girls alive. Alex Maragos acts suspicious and during questioning, Sam catches him lying about his whereabouts the night of the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Deeks talks to Timon in prison where tries to implicate his brother in the previous murders and Ashley's kidnapping. The team doesn't know who to believe and with time running out Callen comes up with a plan to set a trap for both brothers and see which one of them takes the bait and leads them to Ashley. The plan works but when Callen and Sam tackle the suspects they discover that it is not Alex or Timon but Alex's teenage sons. Apparently, they admired their uncle and wanted to see if killing someone felt as good as Timon had described to them.

Hetty tells Callen to keep an eye on Sam, who is taking this case to heart. Sam finally opens up to his partner about the Serbian paramilitary locking him and his team member in a steal locker as they were on a mission to capture Serbian war criminals. Sam's team member died before the SEAL team could find and rescue them. He has always felt guilty about surviving and the circumstances of Ashley's kidnapping brought back memories that have always haunted him.

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S02E04- Special Delivery

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NCIS:LA uncovers a link to jewelry stolen from Iraqi museums when they investigate the murder of a Marine who was found in the parking lot with his hand chopped off. The victim, Corporal Thomas Porter, had Top Secret clearance and NCIS:LA must find out if any sensitive information has been stolen. Eric finds that Porter was under investigation while serving in Iraq after his commanding officer was found to be involved with trafficking stolen Iraqi artifacts out of the country. A parking stub found in the victim's car leads Sam and Callen to the store of jeweler, Jacob Rosen; when they arrive, Rosen is dead with his hand cut off. Rosen's phone records lead the team to an Iraqi-born jeweler, Aziz Ashiri, who they find was scheduled to meet Porter the day he was murdered. Kensi and Deeks find a bloody knife wrapped in what appears to be a ceremonial cloth in Aziz's home. Sam, knowing Aziz follows the laws of Sharia, sees the items were placed in a paper bag and knows Aziz was set up. The team re-examines the evidence and discovers a car that entered the parking structure right before Porter's murder was stolen from a fellow Marine by Porter's best friend, Corporal Petersen; Eric also finds that Petersen worked for Rosen as a courier. When Porter had jewels to sell, Petersen connected him with Rosen, but became jealous knowing Porter would get all the money; he killed Porter then Rosen in order to frame Ashiri for the crime and take the jewels for himself. Sam and Callen track down Petersen but he runs and chase ensues and it all ends in a shootout where Petersen is killed.


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