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While Hetty is away, the NCIS team searches for 4 missing anti-tank missiles that are in the hands of a racist militia group. Renko (from Legend), has brought them their best lead, a Marine named Private Reilly, whom they arrest. Callen goes undercover as another detainee, hoping to bond with Reilly and gather information that might lead them to the location of the missiles. NCIS stages a raid on their jail transport truck and Callen and Reilly "escape". Reilly offers Callen a place to hide until things cool down. Thinking they are getting access to Reilly´s contact, NCIS is stunned and somewhat unprepared when they learn Callen has gained access to the main camp of the militia group and the leader is incredibly suspicious. Sam jumps in to protect Callen just as they're about to shoot him, but now Sam and Callen are prisoners. Kensi figures out how to communicate with Callen and he suggests they be inspired by the trickery of the WWII British intelligence officer, Maskelyne. The team puts on an impressive show that makes the militia group believe they're surrounded and NCIS arrests the leaders and finds the missiles.

(text by CBS.)

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